Quick Start Program Terms and Conditions

The Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals Quick Start Program provides a limited supply of Kiniksa medicine at no cost to new patients who experience a delay in insurance coverage.

Eligibility Requirements:

Kiniksa’s Quick Start Program does not require, and is not in any way contingent on, the use of the medicine or purchase requirements of any kind. No claim for reimbursement for the medicine dispensed pursuant to the Quick Start Program may be submitted to anyone, including an insurance source.

Additional eligibility requirements and program terms and conditions apply. Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals reserves the right to rescind, revoke, or amend the Quick Start Program at any time without notice.

The Kiniksa One Connect team will evaluate and determine if the patient is eligible for the Quick Start Program. If the patient is eligible, we will notify and ship the medicine directly to the patient. Kiniksa’s Quick Start Program may not apply in certain states. Contact the Kiniksa One Connect team at 1-833-KINIKSA (1-833-546-4572) for additional information.